The Keys to House Call Grooming: Safety


You get a new client request, how do you know it is safe to go to their home and groom their cat?

Do you know how to market to and then screen people to increase your safety level?

Once you pull up to a home, do you know the things to look for to assure your safety?

When you walk into a home for the first time, do you know what to scan the house for? 

Do you have policies in place to physically protect yourself from the environment you work in?

In this class, Deborah will cover the basic safety steps and procedures she has taken every day since June 2013 in her feline exclusive, house call grooming business, Kitty's Purrfect Spa to keep her safe and avoid dangerous situations. 

This class will walk you through steps to help you build your confidence, give you safety tips to help keep you safe from clients, and non-owner factors that may put us in danger during the house call grooming appointment. 

Everything from marketing and setting your prices to attract your ideal client, what to observe when arriving at a clients, how to approach different types of homes, what to do when you are in danger from a human or cat, policies and the reasoning behind them, grooming dangers such as groomer’s lung and noise pollution are covered in this class. 

This class is running about 2 hours with less than 20 minutes of videos. Please note, there are minimal videos in this class. 

Before You Begin

1 Lessons

Your "Ideal" Client

2 Lessons

Arriving at the Home

4 Lessons

Let the Show Begin! 

Approaching the Home

5 Lessons

Now is the time to observe everything. 

When You Do Not Feel Safe

4 Lessons

Safety from Non Owner Factors

4 Lessons

Concluding Comments

3 Lessons