Keys to House Call Grooming: The First Visit


You can see the family peering out the curtains as you are getting out of the car, do you know why? How does it make you feel? It can be very intimidating. In this class, Deborah will build your confidence and help you understand why people spy on you!

Learn why it is important to sit down with a new client and chat. 

Even more important, learn what to talk about!

Many times owners want to hand us the cat as soon as they open the door. Learn how to meet the cat in a controlled method that will allow you to assess the temperament and grooming needs, while not putting additional stress on the feline. 

In this class, learn everything that needs to happen from the time you drive up to the home to the time you get ready to set up your equipment. In my business, this covers about 20 to 30 minutes.

Added Bonus

This class contains the Client Information Sheet Deborah uses in her grooming business. The purchase of this class gives you permission to tailor her client information sheet to your business needs.

This class has over 25 minutes of video and is averaging 45 minutes to complete.

You are purchasing 365 days of access to this online self-paced class.

Before You Begin

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Fine-tuning what you do in the first few minutes of a new client visit will build client trust and in turn increase your reputation and client base. Before we begin, let us go over how to use the classroom!

First Impression

3 Lessons

The cliche is true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Like it or not, your clients judge you from the moment you pull up in front of their home. 

Tea Time

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Take time to meet the family and answer questions. This will put the humans at ease and, in turn, let the cats know everything will be alright. 

Meet the Pets

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We are here to groom, however, it is best to meet the pets in a controlled and organized method. 

Concluding Comments

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