Aggressive Cats in the House Call Environment


When a hissing, growling ball of fur is thrown in your face as you walk into a client's home, what do you do?

House call grooming is scary enough, add an aggressive cat, how do you stay safe? 

How do you even start grooming an aggressive cat on their own turf?

Aggressive Cats in the House Call Environment covers everything you need to know about lap grooming an aggressive cat on their turf. From meeting the cat, taking the cat from the owner, lion cut, bath and dry, to presenting the cat to the owner and wrapping up the visit. It is all covered!

Over 1 hour and 25 minutes of Aggressive Cat Grooming video, over 32 minutes of grooming non-aggressive cat video plus over 12 minutes of video of Deborah speaking and written material is included in this class. 

The Basics

8 Lessons

Learn how to use the learning environment plus basic facts about house call grooming for aggressive cats. Policies, sedation, price setting, why we grooming aggressive cats and more will be covered in this module!

Starting the Groom

3 Lessons

hold on tight and watch the fur fly!

Full Lion Cut, Aggressive Cat with Domesticated Parents

4 Lessons

Watch Rimini get a lion cut, bath and dry. The works!

Shave Down on Aggressive Cat with Possible Feral Parents

1 Lessons

No nonsense shave down.

Non Aggressive Grooming

2 Lessons

For comparison, I added how my compliant cats are groomed.

Concluding Comments

2 Lessons

Now what?