Keys to House Call Grooming: The Cat is Groomed, Now What???


After the cat is mat free, fresh smelling and looking adorable, do you know how to present the cat to the family? This class will show you how to let the family see your work before the cat runs under the nearest bed!

Do you feel awkward and uncomfortable asking and then waiting to get paid? Learn Deborah's process for avoiding the awkward silence!

The highlight of this class is Deborah's vacuuming method! Every minute of clean up is seen in the unedited video shown in this class!

Learn an easy process to get as much dead coat out of your work area as humanly possible. We have all been there! How many times have you thought you were done cleaning up and a huge ball of fluff floats right in front of you? Deborah's vacuuming method will decrease your clean up time while getting more hair out of your work environment!

This class has about 40 minutes of video and is averaging over an hour to complete.

You are purchasing 365 days of access to this online self-paced class.

Before You Begin

1 Lessons

After presenting a beautifully groomed cat to the owner, a great clean up and educational finish will continue to build client trust and in turn, increase your reputation and client base. Before we begin, let us go over how to use the classroom!

Presenting Cat to Owner

4 Lessons

After you solved the clients' problems, it is now time to present the beautifully groomed cat to the family! The way the cat exits the bathroom is the frosting on the cake. Every cat owner wants to see that we love, respect and cherish their cat. No matter how much drama occurred during the groom, this is our chance to show the owner that we respect their furry family members. 

Cleaning Up

2 Lessons

Owners are always very concerned about our clean up process. It is one of the top reasons owners decide not to use a house call company. After we make the hair fly, now it is time to clean up. Fine-tune your cat hair cleaning skills here!

Saying Good Bye

2 Lessons

This may be the last time you see this family. It is important that you do everything possible to leave a good impression.

Concluding Comments

3 Lessons